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Several music fountain case and development situation at home and abroad

                          Several music fountain case and development situation at home and abroad

Music fountain is the perfect combination of high-tech and nature, and fully experience the wisdom of the people. All over the world music fountain reflect beauty way also is not the same. In this paper, the three examples to experience the ancient city of Beijing shijingshan music fountain in the park, Taiwan Taiwan central Asia elder brother garden music fountain and Singapore sentosa tourist area of music fountain of good posture.

The ancient city of Beijing shijingshan park music fountain is the ancient city of early construction of the park. City park is Beijing residents leisure good place to have fun. Center city park is a set of 15 meters in diameter round music fountain, arc spray pool is a high 2.6 meters large stone "mother". Loving mother bow long xu, son back orders, listen, artisan rhyme deep culvert, extremely rich verve. Automation of electric device for the music fountain, spray can appear alternately lily, yulan, qiu ju, such as pattern, direct injection, and sometimes fog bank, from time to time if the curtain, change boundless, enrich the dynamic space of the beautiful picture. Water, in the rising and moving to the music, can produce five or six kind of change, from time to time the rotation such as silver umbrella, sometimes wandering like a jade belt, alternately to dance like xia, and rotating spray... Spewing pattern have epiphyllum, chrysanthemum, hula, lilies, and mandala


                                        Yage garden for the music fountain performance of water ballet


In Taiwan, the garden, there is a specially designed for performance of water ballet music fountain, with spectacular sky as backdrop, stage building for Italian Roman colonnades, round, with a fountain, there are 600 nozzle, with 135 kinds of changing lights, combined into a group of wonderful dancing, dancing water, its color light changes, the dizzying, amazing.


Singapore sentosa tourist area of music fountain design and effect and it is worthy of reference, it is decorated in an open and slightly sloping space, a very large area, and long before the sentosa station fountain together for a comprehensive series of up to hundreds of fountain, music fountain series is located in the top of the fountain. Stage of occidentalism semicircle colonnade stack for a rockery, is divided into three layers. During the day, rockery waterfall or fountain group with three layers on either side of the pool forming an activity union more genteel melodious water garden, the night has colours, sounds beautiful fountain landscape, the stage area width nearly hundred meters, the depth of about 40 m, is now one of the largest music fountain in Asia. Show the grand. The beauty of the colorful waterscape.

The above several music fountain water from architectural form, music melody and dance performance point of view shows the beauty of the music fountain, but belong to large music fountain, the control system is also more PlC control logic programming, high cost, traffic demand is big, generally designed for specific quantitative. Even so, the music fountain control system design at home and abroad have reached the level of maturity, and there is a special manufacturer for the design of production, to provide design, fountain equipment and installation and other services. At present, the domestic music fountain gradually to the intelligent, the direction of decentralization, integration, diversification, and the design of the fountain control system also put forward higher requirements.

With the development of science and technology, the music fountain control equipment and numerical control nozzle has a great development. Fountain nc nozzle is no longer limited to one-dimensional, two-dimensional or three-dimensional, and more inclined to engineering company provides requirements and related technical personnel research and development equipment this pattern.