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Several famous music fountain in china

Several famous music fountain in china

Introduction: music fountain is the most popular type of fountain, fountain industry in our country there are many different characteristics of large music fountain, the following will introduce you by:

1.the highest: jieyang music fountain

Guangdong jieyang music fountain investment more than 3000 3000 yuan, over the past construction and become, is the nation's highest and longest river music fountain. Its engineering design scheme, broke through the traditional fountain technology at home and abroad, landscape engineering and advanced culture of The Times and advance the art concept, strong culture of place characteristic to carry on the organic fusion, carefully crafted, bold innovation. Rongjiang music fountain, created the five "China's first" : the first is "highly first". Rongjiang music fountain design main spray of 188 meters, is the present domestic first level. Followed by "floating platform area of the first". The fountain floating flat head of 290 meters, the most among 45 meters wide, up and down two floors with a total area of 14400 square meters, is one of the world's most widespread floating platform. The third is the "comprehensive technical level the first". The fourth is "run spring first.

2.The biggest: luoyang music fountain


Luoyang big music fountain lake comprehensive music fountain waterscape engineering with many of the world's most, including the world's longest run CNC spring (369 meters), the world's largest comprehensive waterscape engineering (fountain area about 120000 square meters), the world's first high-tech water fountain (changed), the world's most precise nc positioning system (360 there was no difference in the degree of localization of CNC swing), the highest in the world's longest frequency array. Music fountain with peony as the main modelling element, straight line and curve harmonious fusion, there are all kinds of shower nozzle 569 music fountain live 8, 22116 lights, underwater lights 1407 sets of special fountain pump, all equipment by 10 professional computer multipolar through the network connection control technology. Various music fountain, unparalleled visual and sound effects will be.

3.xi 'an music fountain


All of Asia's biggest matrix fountain plaza, the biggest waterscape plaza.

Xi 'an wild goose pagoda at the foot of music fountain plaza is located in the famous wild goose pagoda, 480 meters wide from east to west, north and south long 350 meters, covers an area of 252 mu, the wildgoosepagodaisnorthsouth central axis. The square with the gate and the axis of the wild goose northern road and square column tower switching point. By the water fountain, cultural square, garden landscape, cultural corridor and tourism facilities of the business, is the xi 'an qujiang datang culture is an important part of the subject area, and datang datang furong garden, tong yi fang, qujiang newly developed area to form the large majestic datang culture subject area. The elevation difference is 9 meters, is divided into 9, downstairs to form gradually from south to north, the wild goose pagoda in the form of worship. The whole project construction area of about 110000 square meters, with a total investment of about 500 million yuan. Square on integral concept involves to highlight the wild goose pagoda temple and tang has turned into the main shaft.

Music fountain is located in the north square, north and south long 350 meters, east west 52 meters wide, T type structure, which is divided into hundreds of meters waterfall pool, changing the plunge pool and front music pool three areas, can be performed partition independence or the overall performance. Largescale music fountain, colorful, beautiful. Including 8 fountain square, nozzle with 1024 points, each nozzle by a water pump and a frequency converter control independently. Music fountain, design has 22 species of independent type water, are the domestic latest novel water type of science and technology content is higher. Wide and 60 meters, 20 meters high of large-scale laser water curtain, four fire-breathing springs from the water gushing fire, in 6 meters fully burning low temperature burst open, increased the whole fountain deprive a person of great courage. Fountain of the water pump 1360 units, 1124 sets of frequency converter, lights 3.


Arch square music fountain is one of the tourist spots in zhaoqing city, guangdong province, zhaoqing did believe visit friends have seen the fountain, old fountain is put into use in 1994, at the time of zhaoqing has known as China's first music fountain. A cost of $2010 in 2010, the government put in rock arch square fountain reclaimed, almost everyone in this new fountain has a high praise, even more beautiful than the fireworks. New music fountain is a large music fountain floating type lake, its flat head of 135 meters, 10 meters wide, including the main spray height of 108 meters. For arc design, with square arc echoed along the coast. Music fountain water type and lighting effect of the combination of more than hundreds! Its change multiterminal, endless dream, colorful effect is the first in Asia!

5.hangzhou west lake music fountain

Hangzhou has three music fountain: wulin square three park west lake music fountain, music fountain, orioles singing music fountain. Best of all three west lake music fountain in the park. Nearly 400 west lake music fountain nozzle, 224 of which can rotate 360 degrees, make more than 600 kinds of water changes, in the middle of the big nozzle, can the jets of water to 60 meters high - music playback, organized new songs in the computer, after dealing with the software to form different pulse signal, through the inverter control of pump, shoot height, size, different water column; Water column by rotating sprinkler, form or swaying or bold and unrestrained different transformation; With the music, the sense that gives a person is like a fountain in the dance.

6. Chaozhou music fountain

Chaozhou music fountain, which is unique at eastern guangdong region, the largest music fountain, not only are changing, as the music Pian Pian dance colorful fountain, also equipped with two giant display screen, let visitors to watch the TV entertainment program, more unpredictable, thrilling water curtain movie, let passengers eye-opening, ghost town.

The water curtain movie performed by water curtain pipeline engineering, laser systems and panels of three parts. Water curtain movie a giant fan, 12 meters long, 6 meters wide, is to use from down to up puffs of spray forming. If on the ground, will see a squirt around in the pool water mist, water mist has a very large area, camera cannot approach, this effect is formed on the film projection in water mist, concerned expert warns a citizen, watch the water curtain movie best effect between 40 to 50 metres.