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Cultural help "The most memory Hangzhou" G20 summit opening theatrical performances

G20 Hangzhou Summit theatrical performance named "the most memory is Hangzhou," Jiangnan Yi, the most memory is Hangzhou. Just the name, are full of poetry and charm. China will pass such a performance, to the G20 summit guests left a good impression.

The performance by Zhang Yimou as the director, the total production of Sha Xiaolan, the China National Symphony Orchestra conductor Li Xin grass as the band conductor. The whole show consists of nine major programs, total length of 50 minutes. Lighting and multimedia is a major highlight of the show, Zhang Yimou said: "50 minutes of the show we may have more than 100 light changes, rely on lighting, lake scenery, moonlight and other aspects of the transfer of" poetic "In addition, this Director Zhang Yimou said: "there are some aspects of the Olympic Games (the opening ceremony) but also a little difficult, all in a natural water, to the entire orchestra of the orchestra to the orchestra, , Chorus, soloist, solo instruments and other modern technology to use the perfect presentation, synchronization, can not be distorted, the difficulty is quite high. "

 As a multimedia team is very fortunate to receive this sacred and glorious task in the 4 months ago, under the leadership of the director group and its creative, complete and perfect completion of the shocking visual feast, and general director Zhang Yimou In a media interview focused on the natural scene holographic projection technology applications, "This technology in recent years, indoor performance is still more popular, but used outdoors, used on the water, used in a completely natural environment , Basically did not. "

Following on Xiaobian to take a look at the evening of 9.4 shocked the world of performance it.

1. "Spring River Moonlight Night"

One of China's top ten classical music, formerly known as "sunset xiao drum", after taking Italy Tang famous "Spring River Moonlight" renamed. The whole song is like a fine meticulous, soft colors, elegant and elegant scrolls of mountains and rivers, known as the classical Chinese music "in the famous songs, classical classic." In the new symphony of the allocation, the entire performance will be in the "Spring River Moonlight" in the wonderful mood of opening.

2. "Tea Music Dance"

Tea is a symbol of Chinese cultural intention. With thousands of years of cultural development, "tea" from a poetic and artistic image of the labor, and gradually evolved into the Han folk dance genre. As the most representative of Hangzhou folk minor, "tea dance music" will be achieved in music and opening "Spring River Moonlight" seamless blend of seamless. West Lake in the most beautiful night, the mountains and plains of tea woman, will make the West Lake are light rhythm.

3. "Butterfly Lovers"

"Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai," the love story took place in Wansong College, has also been numerous deduction. Especially in the history of Shaoxing opera, from the beginning of a small song, has nourished eight generations of actors, including Yao Shuijuan, Yue Opera ten sisters, Xiao Baihua Yue Opera Troupe. How to tell the world in three minutes a good love story in Hangzhou How to interpret a farewell and vows Several artists for the first time people look forward to cooperation.

4. "Alpine water"

This is the first time the guqin and cello ensemble "mountains and rivers."

5. "Swan Lake"

Speaking of ballet, the audience's first reaction must be "Swan Lake", four little swan selection is a household name. But have you seen ballet dancing in the water? Or in Swan Lake, the audience can see the ballerina dancing like a real swan on the lake.

This may be the "Swan Lake" since the creation of the repertoire, the first really real jump in the lake. "Swan Lake" holographic projection is a virtual imaging technology, it can reproduce the object's true three-dimensional images, not only can produce three-dimensional air phantom, but also can make phantom interact with the performers, perform together to produce stunning performances effect.

6. "Moonlight"

This may be the central stage show the smallest number of programs, a white piano quietly standing in the water center.

7. "I and my country"

Created in 1985, "I and my motherland", the earliest singer is Li Guyi. This is a lyrical and passionate fusion of works. Its melody belongs to China, and it is written by the common feelings of all mankind - love for the motherland.

8. "Unforgettable Jasmine"

As the most famous Chinese folk song, "Jasmine" classic melody in a variety of deductive way in the world wide spread, is highly representative and recognition of the oriental music symbol. G20 version of the "memorable jasmine", is a new creation of the song. The young singer Lei Jia's singing and interpretation, more affectionate full, moving and moving.

9. "Ode to Joy"

The finale of the symphony chorus

There are fountains, fireworks, in the familiar tune, the atmosphere can be warm to imagine.

Among them, the creative fountain show, and the "impression of the West Lake," some of the origin, but the integration of the lights and the symphony, perhaps you will feel and the original seen fountain show is not the same, there is a unique beauty.

Under the leadership of the general director of video Huang Hui, Mr. Lin and Mr. Zhao Xuechun in the past four months, to overcome the difficulties and problems, and finally to the country to hand in a satisfactory answer, the company is also possible to participate in the G20 Of the project feel very proud and honor.

Xiao Bian can tell you that in the past four months time we design and content of the light to do the N draft, ah, here to give you an exclusive distribution of the following: to give you a look at the end of the screen, Some diagrams of the process Oh!

Is not the same as seen on television? Yes! Because these are modified after several times, production, subversion, in the modification, in the production process in the realization of subversion!